Supervision has been a significant part of my practice for over 20 years. In accordance with the NZAC Code of Ethics I attend supervision fortnightly for my supervision and counselling practice.

My Supervision Practice

I  supervise people working in a variety of roles (including counselling, support/advocacy, social work, clinical team leaders, careers, education, administration, management and nursing) and work contexts (schools, tertiary institutions, state owned organisations, health sector and community agencies).

About me

My supervision training has included a variety of one-off workshops and short courses and participation in a doctoral research project on supervision.  It is the latter experience that has been the most valuable for me in shaping my supervision practice.
Many of us are in professions where supervision is a requirement of our professional membership and for others it is a requirement of the workplace. If supervision is new for you, it can seem a little daunting initially.  While a function of supervision is to support safe practice for yourself as a practitioner and for your clients it is not to ‘police’ your work. It is to support you by providing a place to reflect on the work and your response to the work: to explore and grow from challenges which may arise in the work and to celebrate the wonderful experiences along the way.  As a supervisor I am not aiming to mould you into a clone of myself but to help you grow in the work, to be enjoying your work and to be the practitioner you strive to be.  I firmly believe that good work grows us and we grow it.  We are hopefully all evolving in our work for our entire career. I love the opportunity to work alongside practitioners and be a part of supporting you in your growth in your career journey.

I am very happy to have a preliminary meeting with you to explore whether I would be a good fit for you and your supervision needs.